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Danielle's Naughty Boyfriend

She’s pleased.
That thought and that thought alone filled Cole’s mind. Yes, yes, he’d come three times today, and yes it felt great, but this, this was different. The fact that Danielle was pleased did more for him than the sex. This gorgeous strong woman who’d just ridden his cock slipped from atop him and flopped onto the bed.
“I’m pleased.” She repeated the praise, watching his expression as she spoke.
“I’m glad. Ma’am.” He added the formality even though he didn’t know if it was necessary under the circumstances.
She braced a hand against his hip and nudged. “I want to see your butt.”
Cole groaned and let her roll him over. His butt was still throbbing from the spanking she’d administered only moments ago. All of that burn and sting had magically merged into his sexual arousal, but now it was back by itself as a nagging reminder.
Danielle ran her fingertips over his hot flesh. She squeezed each cheek. “You may have a few small bruises.”
“That’s okay.” It truly was. “It will remind me.”
She smiled. “And it will give me something to admire later.” She patted, gentle and appreciative. “I like this ass. I like it hot and I like it red.” Cole pressed his face into the pillow so she wouldn’t see how his face flamed as well. There was something really embarrassing as well as exciting about spanking, and with her, he’d finally figured that out.
“Stay right there, like that.” Danielle patted his ass one more time and then got up and went into the bathroom. The water ran and soon she came back once again dressed in T-shirt and panties. Her nipples showed through the soft fabric, and Cole found the look almost more enticing than seeing her completely naked. Danielle snuggled in beside him with her iPad. “How about a movie?”
She was so casual and relaxed after all that had just happened. He took a breath and steadied himself. “Sure.”
In the morning, Cole stood in Danielle’s bathroom, warm and damp from the shower and examined his butt. He had bruises as predicted, but they were small and not too dark. The burning red had faded to nothing, but the soreness persisted in a welcome reminder of their connection. From the window, he could just make out the side of his own house, but he didn’t consider going home. Not yet.
With a towel around his waist, Cole slipped out in search of his clothes. They were probably still in the living room, folded and waiting, just as he’d left them last night. One of the floorboards squeaked underfoot and a moment later Danielle’s voice came from the bedroom.
“Cole. Come in here.”
He turned and went to stand in the doorway. “Yes, ma’am?”
Her eyes swept over him. “Lose it.”
“Excuse me?”
“The towel. Lose it.”
With a yank, he dropped the fluffy green wrap.
“Come here.”
He eased to the side of the bed.
“Turn around.”
He did. He felt her eyes and then her hands. “Very nice.” She gave him a little pat. “Be careful or it will be bright red again.”

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