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You are not alone

I've had kinky interests as far back as I can remember. As a kid, I didn't understand the what or the why, but I knew certain things were exciting to me. It didn't take long to figure out that my attraction to these subjects was -er- different from most of my classmates. And I quickly discovered that such topics were regarded as Taboo.

As I tried to understand myself, there was nowhere to turn. That was waaaaaaaay before the internet, but also no open discussion of such ideas was ever allowed.

Those who were brave found their answers in back alleys and porn shops, but for a young person with no resources and stranded in a small town, it was a lonely wandering through my fantasy world, always with the nagging thought, "What's wrong with me?".

It took many years to figure out there's nothing wrong with me. It was a long journey, still an open ended one, and not without its conflicts and trials. But ultimately, I've come to a place of happiness and acceptance.
I embrace my kinks and enjoy them!

You can, too.

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